Trinity, the eighth generation of fully hydraulic single drive single drum roller begin to shake

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Trinity, the eighth generation of fully hydraulic single drive single drum roller begin to shake

  Sany heavy industry has focused on research and development of high-end full hydraulic pressure roller, after decades of development, become the world's complete sets of road construction equipment is the most responsible leader. Trinity has developed several technical problems in the trinity "pressure fast" series of the eighth generation of fully hydraulic single drum displacement single roller (SSR200AC - 8, SSR220AC - 8 series of products), and will to subvert our price return to our customers, would lead the mechanical roller low-end market change.

  SSR200AC - 8 full hydraulic pressure drive single drum roller

  Trinity roller belongs to the category of the road equipment, and in engineering machinery is widely used in highway, railway, airport runway, DAMS, large engineering projects such as the stadium fill compaction work, can crush sand, half viscosity and cohesive soil, stable subgrade soil, sand, gravel road surface layer, etc.

  Trinity hydraulic single drive single drum roller highlight advantages

  Power is strong, good adaptability to engine operating conditions
With 147 kw high-power engine, climbing ability is strong, high altitude operation not to drop speed. Control technology of power system heat transfer, 46 ℃ high temperature continuous operation is not "bring".
Compaction efficiency and high quality

  Dual-frequency double amplitude vibration mode, vibration force is big, press the same compactness road, the efficiency of 16.7% more than its brand. Before and after the reversing is simple and convenient, high construction efficiency. Impact compaction road surface level off, without beginning, without indentation. The large displacement vibration motor, vibration time just 3 seconds.

  Bearing vibration for a patent for invention: rat bag lubrication structure. The large displacement pump vibration and vibration motors, the system pressure is low, high reliability. Hydraulic transmission, transmission route short, no start. Without friction disc replacement, maintenance costs low.

The operational safety
  Level 3 braking: driving braking, parking brake, emergency brake, security and stability. The operating location has the best work around vision, vision after 1 m * 1 m.

Good driving performance and through
  Full hydraulic pressure drive, stepless variable speed. Before and after the reversing manipulation is simple and convenient, need not step on the clutch, shift and loose clutch brake and slow action.

Operation and comfortable - vibration reduction effect is good
  High-grade totally enclosed and tertiary damping cab, comfortable work environment. Cabin noise below 84 db (A), the industry leader. Ergonomic design, comfortable and reliable.

Convenient maintenance
  A new industrial design, more convenient maintenance easier. The rear main oil pump and convenient maintenance. Without friction, free maintenance for life.

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