CNC hydraulic punching machine

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CNC hydraulic punching machine

  CNC hydraulic punching machine is also called nc connection plate punching machine, mainly used for transmission tower, communication tower or connection of steel structure processing board processing, and other machinery industries on a flat plate materials, for punching and seal.

  First of all, according to the size of the workpiece to be processed, thickness to choose hydraulic punching machine punching force. Jinan super CNC CJ50 type hydraulic punching machine, to recognize CJ100 type hydraulic punching machine, CJ110 type hydraulic punching machine, CJ120 type hydraulic punching machine, CJ200 type hydraulic punching machine. Respectively for 50 tons, 100 tons, 100 tons, 120 tons and 200 tons of punch force, also has with drilling power head constitute CJZ percussive drill combination machine series; Many types, for you to choose.

  Each plate punching machine because of the effect of being limited by the base, the processing of the workpiece size has a certain limit.

  Different models of plate punching machining workpiece biggest size:

  CJ50 type hydraulic punching machine, 800 * 500 * 8 mm;

  CJ100 type hydraulic punching machine, 1500 * 800 * 25 mm;

  CJZ100 type drill combination machine 1500 * 800 impact drill 40 mm;

  CJ110 type hydraulic punching machine, 1500 * 1000 * 25 mm;

  CJZ110 type hydraulic punching machining size is 1500 * 1000 largest impact drill 40 mm;

  CJ120 type hydraulic punching machine maximum size is 1500 * 1000 * 25 mm;

  CJ200 type hydraulic punching machine maximum size is 2000 * 600 impact drill 25 to 70 mm.

  Hundred times over more than 20 years of nc equipment design manufacturers, share the following 10 steps to help you buy the perfect CNC connection plate punching machine:

  1: the lower die the concentricity of the immediate effect was rushed out of the hole is the hole of the vertical degree of quality.

  2: the life of the pressure of material, pressure plate will appear in the process of multiple work deformation or fracture.

  3: the life of the platform ball, quality is bad or weak is easy to fall off.

  4: tighten the screw or whether appropriate, if too tight motor drive up will be hard, accelerate the ageing of the motor, is too loose is easy to cause pitch instability.

  5: if X and Y guide rail vertical absolutely, this will directly affect the control position in the board, and determines the geometric accuracy of the equipment.

  6: cylinder and magnetic switch connection is reliable, a direct impact on the stability of the equipment.

  7: whether meet the requirements of punching speed hydraulic pump flow.

  8: hydraulic structure is reasonable, whether there is a waste of traffic problems, the moderate directly affect oil and equipment power consumption.

  9: hydraulic line is smooth, piping and whether beautiful, pipe diameter whether meet the requirements, the tubing when there is friction, tolerance is enough.

  10: the machine mechanical structure is reasonable, avoid the short board.

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